The alfapump® system is currently not approved in the United States or Canada. In the United States and Canada, the alfapump® system is currently under clinical investigation (POSEIDON Study) and is being studied in adult patients with refractory or recurrent ascites due to cirrhosis. DSR® therapy is still in development and it should be noted that any statements regarding safety and efficacy arise from ongoing pre-clinical and clinical investigations which have yet to be completed. There is no link between the DSR® therapy and ongoing investigations with the alfapump® system in Europe, the United States or Canada.

Sequana Medical, pioneer in the treatment of fluid overload

We are utilizing our proprietary alfapump® and DSR® (Direct Sodium Removal) technologies to develop innovative treatments for fluid overload in liver disease, heart failure and cancer when diuretics are no longer effective.

alfapump®, a fully implanted system for the automatic and continual removal of fluid

The alfapump® is a unique, fully implanted, wirelessly charged device that automatically pumps fluid from the abdominal cavity into the bladder, where it is naturally eliminated through urination.

The alfapump® has received Breakthrough Device status from the U.S. FDA and the CE mark in Europe. Over 950 devices have been implanted to date.

Years cumulative pumping time
alfapump Implantations
Liters of ascites removed

DSR®, a proprietary approach to manage sodium and fluid overload

Direct Sodium Removal or DSR is managing sodium and fluid overload through use of a sodium-free DSR product administered into the abdominal cavity.
Clinical studies in diuretic-resistant heart failure patients demonstrated that DSR therapy is able to manage the fluid balance, restore diuretic response and improve cardio-renal function.

Patient stories, living with refractory ascites before and after the alfapump

Ascites has a dramatic impact on the quality of life of patients. Patients suffering from ascites are immobile and very restricted in their daily activities, and often report feelings of isolation and depression.

When we interviewed patients that had the alfapump® implanted, they all reported a substantial improvement in their daily life.

Clinical research, demonstrating the impact of our treatments

Through our ongoing development work and close collaboration with clinicians, we continue to grow the body of evidence for our alfapump® and DSR technologies, as shown by the multiple peer-reviewed journal publications.

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