alfapump® system

The alfapump® system is a fully implantable pump system that collects ascites as it forms and moves it into the bladder, where it is passed naturally from the body through normal urination. The implantation procedure can be performed under local or general anaesthesia in less than one hour.

Once implanted, patient interaction with the alfapump® system is minimal. The patient simply charges the alfapump® wirelessly through the skin by holding a hand-held charging device over the alfapump®. While charging, data from the alfapump®is transferred to this charger. This data can be accessed by the physician during follow-up visits and settings can be changed as appropriate.


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Leading physicians about their experience with the alfapump®

A breakthrough system for the automatic and continual removal of ascites

The alfapump® system was developed with the goal to eliminate the need for repeated invasive procedures. Put simply, no needles, no external tubes, no repeated needle punctures.
The alfapump® is a subcutaneously implanted battery-powered pump that can be charged through the skin. It ensures the controlled and continual removal of ascites according to a programmed schedule set by the doctor. The alfapump® can operate for several days on battery power before needing to be wirelessly recharged.

Just one short operation is needed to implant the alfapump® system under the skin.

Once the alfapump® has been implanted it is programmed by the patient’s doctor to ensure that the optimal amount of ascites is removed each day and the schedule can be designed to suit each patient’s individual daily routine. The alfapump® has a special mechanism which ensures that ascites is not moved into the bladder if the bladder is full and it turns itself off if there is no ascites in the abdominal cavity, ensuring optimal fluid management with no hassle for the patient.

Through our ongoing development work and close collaboration with clinicians, we continue to grow the body of evidence of the impact of the alfapump® in this patient population, as shown by the multiple recent peer-reviewed journal publications.

Our clinical studies have demonstrated a significant reduction in the need for Large Volume Paracentesis (LVP) and a significant improvement of Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL).

DirectLink Technology - 24/7 coverage

With DirectLink Technology built-in the alfapump® system, patients and physicians are offered an unprecedented level of comfort and convenience as the alfapump® performance data are continuously collected via the mobile phone network and transferred to secure servers for analysis – coverage that is 24 hours, 7 days a week.


For more information on the alfapump® system, please visit our dedicated website